Klingenburg Investment into U.K. market

Andrew Patch, General Manager – UK & Ireland with Klingenburg CEO Thomas Hartkämper

Klingenburg Investment into U.K. market
Name change of TEC UK LTD to Klingenburg U.K. LTD

Based on our Mission statement “for our customers the best solution” we have decided to invest in the local presence of strategic markets like U.K. We will invest in our local organization and infrastructure being able to offer and deliver the best solution for our customers.

Our product program for the U.K. market will increase with a new range of air to air plate heat exchangers with efficiencies to meet new ERP regulations, alongside the new thermal wheel designs and counter-flow heat exchangers.

At the same time we will change our company name from TEC UK LTD (Klingenburg GmbH parent company) into Klingenburg U.K. LTD strengthening our brand name.