From 2019: Integrated study programme

From 2019: Integrated study programme

We are looking for talented, young people to create a sustainable future

Why Klingenburg?
We take responsibility for our planet and for the human race. Our goal is to get back or recycle up to 93% of thermal energy from the air. In doing so, we contribute significantly to the conservation of resources and to the reduction of energy costs.

How do we do it?
Value creation in your own house is at the heart of what we do. Almost everything we create takes place in-house or through one of our own employees. Even the production machines and technologies are developed and/or manufactured on our premises, allowing us to ensure that our production process is also sustainable in terms of conserving resources.

What do we do?
We mainly produce heat exchangers; the key component to any ventilation system concerning heat waste recovery and energy recycling. Our mission statement “the best solution for our customers” is testament to our dedication. In order to realise this, it is imperative that we offer the greatest possible customer focus and market orientation. To ensure we always work this way we consider our ability to continually adapt our organisation’s greatest priority – every day, everywhere, with everyone!

How can I get involved?
We have been offering training in the typical business and sales skill-based occupations for over 20 years. As of 2019, we will also be offering an integrated programme of study in industrial engineering/mechatronics.

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